Lou Williams Getting Suspended For Going To Magic City Strip Club?

Lou Williams Getting Suspended For Going To Magic City Strip Club?

Lou Williams Getting Suspended For Going To Magic City Strip Club

Lou Williams is on the verge of getting suspended for going to the Magic City strip club on Thursday night.

An NBA player attending a gentleman’s club is not in itself wrong or an unusual occurrence, but the circumstances surrounding this incident are troubling for both the league and the Los Angeles Clippers.

Williams was excused from the NBA bubble in Orlando, Florida, this week to deal with a personal matter. Most assumed it was a family situation of some sort – a funeral or whatnot.

On Thursday, rapper Jack Harlow published a photograph of himself and Williams at a strip club. He quickly deleted the photo and subsequently claimed it was “old,” but that does not in fact appear to be the case.

“Williams has been interviewed by NBA security about his whereabouts while he was away from campus, and told them he did go to the Magic City gentleman’s club for a short time on Thursday night,” ESPN reporter Ramona Shelburne tweeted on Saturday.

The question now becomes: how will Williams be punished? Is a suspension in order?

Multiple players have been forced to stay in the NBA quarantine bubble despite missing important family matters. Alex Caruso, a guard for the Los Angeles Lakers, missed his sister’s wedding because he did not want to leave his team.

Leaving and then re-entering the bubble was supposed to only be for legitimate family emergencies. On the surface at least, it does not look like that was the case with Williams.

A final decision on Williams and whether or not he will be suspended should come at some point early next week.

The Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers are set to square off next Thursday, July 30.

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