Logan Paul Fights Heckler Outside Club (Video)

Logan Paul Fights Heckler Outside Club (Video)

Logan Paul attacked a heckler outside of Los Angeles celeb hotspot Nightingale this week.

The altercation commenced when fans started pressuring Paul about fighting boxing legend, Mike Tyson.

“Are you a p***y or what?” one fan seemed to inquire.

That’s when Paul snapped.

Paul’s friend and “Impaulsive” podcast co-host Mike Majlak immediately intervened, pulling his buddy away from the altercation. At the same time, security grabbed the heckler.

The reason the prospect of a Paul vs Tyson bout is even being talked about is because of comments made by the latter recently.

“You’re talking to me? About taking on —” Tyson laughed in a conversation with Yahoo! Sports. “Maybe. I’m an old man, you know? I don’t know what I could do now. Anything is possible, you know, because by doing this we have a great exponent of charities to give to so the charities win both way.”

Tyson recently fought Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition event. Prior to the match, he revealed that he intended to give $10 million to charity. With that in mind, it’s not unreasonable to think that he could offer even more to various good causes in the event of him and Paul squaring off.

Tyson actually looked quite good in the Jones Jr. match. He reportedly took a bunch of toad venom in the lead-up – and it did wonders for him.

Paul, meanwhile, is coming off a memorable clash with Floyd Mayweather Jr. Many obviously still firmly believe their showdown was rigged, but that didn’t deter either man from making serious bank. Their fight did upwards of 1 million PPV buys and generated in excess of $50 million.

There is no reason to think that a Paul vs Tyson showdown would do any worse.

Stay tuned. In a world where the Paul brothers are the biggest names in boxing, the prospect of this particular fight almost seems inevitable.

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