LeBron James’ Super Special Tradition For Super Bowl LV

LeBron James’ Super Special Tradition For Super Bowl LV

It is no secret that LeBron James is a huge football fan. Whether its pro or collegiate, he is never shy about expressing his love for the sport and the various teams that participate in it.

You will recall, James sent a special National Championship Game gift to Ohio State ahead of the big game a few months ago. He and Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady also often exchange words on social media.

Needless to say, despite being the modern-day face of basketball, he’s fully immersed in the football experience.

This week, following the Los Angeles Lakers’ victory over the Detroit Pistons on Saturday night, James shared with the media what his super special Super Bowl tradition is.

“LeBron said he’ll get treatment tomorrow, and then get a nap, so that he can be mentally focused both on the game … and on the commercials. He and his family always rank the top 5 ads,” per Lakers insider Mike Trudell.

While James is content with his Super Bowl celebration, he did express a hint of jealousy at what his teammate, Anthony Davis, has planned.

More specifically, he wishes he could eat all the garbage that Davis will on Sunday.

“LeBron quipped that, at age 36, he can’t just eat whatever he wants during the Super Bowl … not like 27-year-old AD, who was sitting next to him,” Trudell added.

“Davis suggested that he could at least have some wings. ‘Probably baked,’ (not fried), LeBron responded.”

James is infamous for having an extremely strict diet, so none of this should come as a surprise.

Interestingly enough, Davis’ diet has come under increased scrutiny recently. Especially ever since Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green put him on blast for being out of shape.

As far as who James is predicting to win the big game – that much he wouldn’t divulge. Given his mutual respect with Brady and their parallels as arguably the GOATs of their respective sports, it could be the Buccaneers. That said, it’s possible he sees some similarities between young phenom Patrick Mahomes’ and his early career rise.

One way or another, James is definitely going to enjoy himself on Sunday.

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