LeBron James’ Reaction To Russell Westbrook’s Awful Shot (Video)

LeBron James’ Reaction To Russell Westbrook’s Awful Shot (Video)

The Los Angeles Lakers lost their third game of the season on Sunday afternoon.

As bad as being winless obviously is, what really stung about L.A.’s most recent outing is the way they went out.

With victory in sight and a one-point lead, Russell Westbrook got the ball and took it down the floor. Rather than hold on to it or pass it, he decided to spot up and take a midrange jumper with 30 seconds remaining in the outing and 18 seconds on the shot clock:

LeBron James’ reaction to the sequence was telling:

The Blazers would go on to score and eventually win the game 106-104.

Westbrook finished with 10 points and shot 4-of-15 from the field, as well as 0-of-3 from beyond the arc.

After the outing, a reporter asked James about Westbrook’s odd shot choice:

“I don’t know,” he replied.

“I feel like this is an interview trying to get me to set me up to say something. I can tell you guys are on the whole Russell Westbrook category right now. I don’t like to lose.

“I hate to lose in any … I don’t care what happens over the course of the season, during the course of my career, I hate to lose, especially the way we had this game,” James continued.

“But give credit to Portland. You guys are going about Russ and all the things you guys wanna try to talk about Russ but I’m not up here just to do that.”

James can play the happy diplomat all he wants, but he is obviously deeply frustrated with his current situation. This sequence speaks for itself:

Westbrook is awful. That much is beyond debate. You can pick any one of a number of stats and they’ll say as much.

For example, Westbrook has shot 15 percent over the last two games. He has gone 4-of-26. That is insane. He is playing at a historically bad level.

Everyone is frustrated. Players and fans alike. Just this week, Westbrook had a particularly scary run-in with a Lakers fan.

It feels like this situation isn’t sustainable.

According to ESPN NBA insider Brian Windhorst, L.A. has a plan in place. They’re not just aimlessly floating through yet another awful season.

But it’s hard to see what that plan is at the moment. They’ve only been linked to one prominent trade over the past few weeks.

At what point will the front office step in and put all parties involved in this mess out of their misery?

Time will tell.

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