Is A Big 3-Team Trade Brewing Between Lakers, Warriors?

Is A Big 3-Team Trade Brewing Between Lakers, Warriors?

The Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers have become linked in an unexpected way over the past week.

It all started with the physical altercation that occurred at a Warriors practice between Draymond Green and Jordan Poole. Video of the encounter led to questions regarding whether the two would be able to remain on the same roster going forward.

Further fuel was added to the fire on Monday morning when Stephen A. Smith appeared on ESPN and said that Green had his sights set on L.A.

“Draymond Green is expecting this to be his last year in Golden State,” Smith said. “Now, he wanna be a Laker. He ain’t gonna tell anybody that, but don’t think I don’t know. He’d prefer to be a Laker if he gotta leave Golden State.”

Smith is not the only person alluding to this. During an appearance on Zach Lowe’s podcast this past week, Bill Simmons also suggested that Green might be on his way out. And he too cited Los Angeles as the likely destination.

Simmons’ proposed trade idea is quite simple, and it could prove to be a win-win-win for the Warriors, Lakers and Indiana Pacers.

The Warriors dump Green, save a bunch of money in the process and get a rim-defending sharpshooter to patrol the middle.

L.A. lands a three-point specialist and proven veteran to take some defensive pressure off Anthony Davis.

The Pacers get to tank while remaining somewhat interesting with Russell Westbrook.

In the end, it all comes down to the Warriors’ situation being untenable long-term.

“[Head coach Steve Kerr] played on the ‘Jail Blazers,’ he played on a bunch of different [internally acrimonious] [Chicago] Bulls teams, he’s been through it in ’19 with Durant,” Simmons said.

“By all accounts everyone says the final 2018-19 season with Durant was a really really profoundly unhappy season. I don’t think they wanna go through that again. That’s why I do think a trade isn’t inconceivable.”

The Warriors have made it clear who they value more between Green and Poole. All parties involved understand what’s what.

Moreover, the words that were exchanged before Green’s punch was thrown indicate a larger issue at work. One that won’t be easily resolved.

This proposed trade could be a win-win-win for the Warriors, Lakers and Pacers. Plus, all the players involved who clearly want to move on.

Will this deal go down? Time will tell.

Should it? Absolutely.

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