LeBron James On Why He Didn’t Want His Kids In NBA Bubble

LeBron James On Why He Didn’t Want His Kids In NBA Bubble

LeBron James On Why He Didn’t Want His Kids In NBA Bubble

LeBron James is one of the biggest family men in the NBA. His wife Savannah, and his children Bronny, Bryce and Zhuri are constantly featured in the background of his social media posts and referenced by the LA Lakers star.

When the NBA announced that it would finally be permitting family members to join players in the bubble, most assumed that James would bring his entire family out.

Yet when the time came, only Savannah joined him.

Recently, James explained why he opted not to bring his children into the bubble.

“There [was] nothing for them to do,” he said. “My kids are too adventurous.”

The sentiment makes sense. As multiple players and coaches have confirmed over the past few months, the NBA’s bubble was a very draining and isolating experience. If it was that tough on adults, the impact it would have on children is probably ten times more intense.

Moreover, James’ kids all very active. Bronny, in particular, has a social following that is more massive than many of James’ Lakers teammates.

Of course, that comes with its own fair share of both positives and negatives. While James was gone, Bronny got into some shenanigans. There was that whole smoking thing. And the TikTok thing.  When his dad returned, Bronny suddenly went MIA — before remerging a few weeks back to shoot his shot with an Instagram model.

That being, regardless of the antics Bronny got into with his dad out of town, him not being around let James work freely and with no stress no his mind.

With just Savannah there and no little ones to worry about keeping entertained, James was able to fully focus on the task at hand: winning his fourth NBA championship.

And you know what?

It worked.

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