Bronny James And Suspected Girlfriend Go Viral

Bronny James And Suspected Girlfriend Go Viral

Bronny James And Suspected Girlfriend Go Viral

Bronny James began to trend on Twitter Monday afternoon after a video of him and a young woman went viral.

The young woman in question, a TikTok aficionado that goes by “itspeytonbabyy” on the platform, is assumed to be Bronny’s girlfriend.

To be clear, neither party has come out and confirmed or denied that claim.

Nevertheless, Twitter had a field day.

Bronny is the eldest son of professional basketball player LeBron James, so he is likely used to being in the spotlight. It will be interesting to see how he reacts to trending on social media this week, though.

It is no doubt a strange experience, no matter how many times it happens.

Bronny, in addition to being a rising high school basketball star, was also recently named content creator for esports team FaZe Clan.

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  1. Those posts are hypocritical. Imagine the backlash if a young white celebrity was dating a black person and people were posting similar remarks. People would be up in arms. In order for there to be equality, you can’t have double standards.

    1. Pretty hypocritical…it’s ok for people to bash a black man for dating a white girl, but if the roles were reversed people would be screaming racism. I guess double standards are ok with certain people. SMFH..this is the new America!

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