LeBron James Names ‘God’ NBA Player, And It Isn’t Michael Jordan

LeBron James Names ‘God’ NBA Player, And It Isn’t Michael Jordan

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James has always had immense respect for Michael Jordan.

It’s impossible not to.

Jordan is widely regarded by many as the consensus greatest basketball player of all time.

That being said – he isn’t the ‘God’ in James’ eyes. Rather, that distinction belongs to another retired superstar.

“[Allen Iverson] represented what black kids were all about, and he resonated with every inner-city kid in the world who had a struggle,” James told Lee Jenkins of Sports Illustrated at one point. “Michael Jordan inspired me, and I looked up to him, but he was out of this world. A.I. was really the god.”

James’ is not alone in this way of thinking. Iverson left a profound impact on players both past and present. Many of his former teammates go on endlessly about the career-changing advice he offered them; while others simply admit he is the greatest talent they had ever seen.

Interestingly enough, Iverson has also spoken out at length about how much he respects James. He always make it a point to mention him in his all-time NBA top 5.

That said, as far as Iverson is concerned, there is only one NBA GOAT – and it isn’t James.

Hopefully as time goes on Iverson continues to get referenced in this fashion. His impact on the sport of basketball and the culture surrounding it was immeasurable.

It’s vital that the next generation be as aware of his contributions to the game as the one that experienced him firsthand.

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Jennifer Withers Hoey

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