LeBron James, Bronny Are Latest Philadelphia 76ers Hail Mary

LeBron James, Bronny Are Latest Philadelphia 76ers Hail Mary

LeBron James and his eldest son, Bronny, have emerged as the latest potential Hail Mary option to save the Philadelphia 76ers.

In a week that has seen star James Harden come out and publicly call team president Daryl Morey a ‘liar’ who misled him, only to have teammates come out and back him up, it feels like the Sixers are on the verge of imploding.

But some people think there might be a chance at redemption for them in the near future.

This week, Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer threw out another Hail Mary for how the 76ers can regain some semblance of respectability.

“If it’s the big fish I think Morey’s target next summer will be LeBron James,” he said.

“It just makes sense logically, Chris, right? Who else would it be?”

The reality here, of course, is that the Sixers almost certainly won’t get LeBron or Bronny. They just won’t. At the moment, given his latest health update, it’s not even clear what Bronny’s basketball future looks like.

An insane amount of stars would need to align between now and next year for Philly to have any sort of opportunity to get LeBron and Bronny.

It simply isn’t a likely occurrence.

And frankly, given how the Sixers have botched every good hand they have gotten up to this point, it’d be hard to really have faith in them even if they did get LeBron and Bronny.

For better or worse, the 76ers have been mired in chaos for years now. There was optimism that they would be able to turn it into something productive, but they haven’t.

Frankly, it doesn’t look like they ever will.

Is there a chance LeBron and Bronny end up with the 76ers at some point? Anything is possible, but the smart money is definitely pointing to the answer being ‘no.’

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