PJ Tucker Picks Side In 76ers Civil War Between James Harden, Daryl Morey

PJ Tucker Picks Side In 76ers Civil War Between James Harden, Daryl Morey

P.J. Tucker has seemingly picked a side in the Philadelphia 76ers’ brewing civil war between James Harden and Daryl Morey.

On Monday, during an Adidas event, Harden came out and blasted Morey – suggesting that the Sixers team president is a liar and he wouldn’t play for him any longer.

It didn’t take long for the real reason for Harden’s strong public showing to emerge.

Shortly thereafter, Tucker took to social media to weigh in.

PJ Tucker Picks Side In 76ers Civil War Between James Harden, Daryl Morey 1

That post doesn’t leave much in the way of ambiguity. Tucker seems to be supporting Harden. And he isn’t the only Sixer to do so.

The same day, ex-76ers sharpshooter Danny Green came out and weighed in on the matter as well.

“There’s not many things that shock me in this world,” Green said.

“But to see a star player like James Harden, call out by name, Daryl Morey and speaking from his own mouth. You usually hear it from sources, but to him speak it. You can tell he’s agitated, he’s upset.

“It was shocking. I was very shocked by it, but I do see both sides. As a player, I’m always gonna side with the player. Not just because I’m a player, but I also don’t think he’s wrong. If he was promised something, I think you need to come through with that promise.”

Earlier in the summer it looked like a deal between the Sixers and Los Angeles Clippers centering around Harden might materialize.

Ultimately, L.A.’s refusal to include two key role players in any potential deal torpedoed the trade.

That said, Kawhi Leonard has made his position on the Clippers acquiring Harden clear. Time will tell what that’s worth.

One way or another, it feels like Harden isn’t long for Philly.

Sooner or later, the organization will move him.

How long will it be until Morey and the Sixers grant Harden his freedom, though? That’s the $36 million question.

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