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Lane Kiffin’s Blunt Answer About Arch Manning

Lane Kiffin’s Blunt Answer About Arch Manning

Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin was thought to be one of the frontrunners to ultimately sign top-tier high school football recruit, Arch Manning.

Between all the details that came out from their meeting and just Kiffin’s overall charm, it felt like the Rebels had a real shot.

Ultimately, however, Manning opted to go with Texas.

This past week Kiffin sat down on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz show. While they were speaking, Le Batard asked the Ole Miss coach how close he actually came to getting Manning.

The Lane Kiffin of years ago would have answered that question openly and honestly without breaking a sweat. The new, more mature Lane Kiffin, though – he thought before he spoke.

“This would be those weird rules they have,” Kiffin said bluntly.

“I can’t even answer that because he’s still a respective student-athlete. He hasn’t signed there [yet]… That’s kind of that maturity thing. I would have answered that years ago.”

Even Kiffin had to laugh at his self-restraint.

“This new Lane doesn’t help your ratings much,” he mused.

Prior to this, Kiffin had never been one to bite his tongue. Whether he was going off on other coaches or going off on his haters – he’d say whatever came to mind.

This is certainly a more evolved version of him.

Last year, Ole Miss finished 10-2 under Kiffin. It was a strong showing and led to a lot of optimism about the program’s future.

For all of Kiffin’s crazy stuff, he is still a great coach. If he has matured even a little, that coupled with his undeniable mind for the sport could be enough for Ole Miss to make some real noise in 2022.

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