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Ole Miss Coach Lane Kiffin Has Message For Haters

Ole Miss Coach Lane Kiffin Has Message For Haters

Ole Miss Coach Lane Kiffin Has Message For Haters

Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin has a message for all the haters.

His message? I deserve all the success that comes my way.

Kiffin is without question one of the most polarizing coaches in collegiate athletics today.

Some think he is an underrated, misunderstood tactical genius who has simply gotten unlucky as a head coach at major programs in the past.

Others think he is an overrated know-it-all whose mouth gets him jobs he has not really earned.

As the new coach at Ole Miss, Kiffin will now have the opportunity to redefine his legacy once and for all.

Recently, Kiffin sat down for an interview to discuss the work he did at FAU and what he plans to do with the Rebels.

Needless to say, he displayed all of the confidence and brashness that w have come to expect from him over the years.

“Going on the field as a head coach – because people said, ‘Oh he’s a good coordinator but he can’t coach head coach,’” Kiffin said.

“And turning the program [FAU] completely around and winning two conference championships in three years.

“What I’m saying is people like a comeback story. And they feel like he served his time. And I almost feel like that in a way. Like alright, he served his time as an assistant. He served his time at a Group of 5 school. Now he’s deserving.”

Will Kiffin be the man to finally turn Ole Miss around? Time will tell.

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