Lakers Trading Kyle Kuzma To Chicago Bulls?

Lakers Trading Kyle Kuzma To Chicago Bulls?

Lakers Trading Kyle Kuzma To Chicago Bulls?

Are the Lakers trading Kyle Kuzma to the Chicago Bulls?

That is the question people are asking after Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka expressed interest in upgrading the team’s roster.

Kuzma came into this season with a lot of hype and hopes that he could be LA’s third star behind LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

As the year has progressed, it has become abundantly clear that he is simply too young and inexperienced to fill that role.

Kuzma is very talented, but he is talented in the way that Brandon Ingram is talented. He can be a fun player to watch on a bad team, not a legitimate option on a championship-level squad.

The Lakers need to make an upgrade, that much became abundantly clear after their Christmas Day embarrassment versus the Clippers.

“The Lakers need a legitimate third scorer, ball-handling help and outside shooting,” Joe Vardon of The Athletic wrote recently.

“Kuzma is 24, is under contract for $3.6 million next season and, as he showed on Christmas, has a potentially huge upside. He is the young player teams would want if the Lakers pursue a major upgrade come February.”

Recently, Andrew Miller of Fansided proposed a deal that could really shake up the league.

Essentially, the trade would center around sending Kuzma to Chicago in exchange for Otto Porter Jr., Kriss Dunn and Chandler Hutchison.

“If the Bulls want to land a piece that could add to their frontcourt rotation for the long-term, then getting into discussions with the Los Angeles Lakers presents an intriguing opportunity,” he wrote.

“Maybe the most expendable piece that the Lakers are going to shop on the trade block this season is the 24-year-old 6-foot-8 power forward Kyle Kuzma,” Miller added.

The big question here is: what do the Lakers get out of this deal? Dunn and Hutchison are too young to make any real impact on this team and Porter is chronically injured.

Barring another sweetener of some sort being tossed in by Chicago, it is difficult to see how this trade gets done.

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Michael Kyaw

Michael Kyaw, initially a PR Manager, built up a valuable network of connections in the sports world that he then utilized to become an influential sports business reporter. His work has been published on Fox Sports, Bleacher Report, Fansided, ESPN and the Wall Street Journal.


  1. I simply wouldn’t trade Kyle. These LAKERS are set to win it all. Why throw away ‘The Future is right NOW’ KUZMA. It’s simply ridiculous!

  2. This is a pipe dream… first of all, Lakers have a full roster. 3 players for one means they need to cut 2 other players. Dumb writer wishing his crappy team picks up Kuz. Try again troll

  3. Yes please trade Kuzma, he is not productive at all very inconsistent, waiting on him to live up to a so called potential is crazy, he’s not a smart player and a defensive liability’ and put scrub Dudely and bum Troy Daniels in theDeal as well for Zack Lavigne

    1. Why in the hell would the Bulls trade Lavine for Kuzma? The Bulls already suck and Lavine is their only consistent bright spot this year. That would be the dumbest trade since the Minnesota Vikings traded draft picks for Herschel Walker and the Cowboys won the a couple of Super Bowls for those picks.

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