Lakers Owner’s Fiance’s Remarks About LeBron James’ Mom Emerge

Lakers Owner’s Fiance’s Remarks About LeBron James’ Mom Emerge

Los Angeles Lakers team owner Jeanie Buss revealed this past week that she was engaged to her longtime boyfriend, comedian Jay Mohr.

The pair had apparently been dating for nearly five years and felt like this was the appropriate next step in their relationship.

Unfortunately, the downside to this otherwise happy news coming to light is that it gave online detectives an opportunity to look into Mohr’s past.

As it turns out, he has a history of saying some pretty controversial things online. Racist things, even.

His latest sin, though? Recently uncovered mean comments he made regarding Lakers star LeBron James’ mom.

Lakers Owner’s Fiance’s Remarks About LeBron James’ Mom Emerge 1

Yikes. Mind you, none of this is particularly original. A fan was previously kicked out of an NBA game for wearing a shirt referencing James’ mom. Also, at least one UFC star has made the same joke.

The Lakers are in the midst of a horrendous season. The dynamics are way off between all parties involved, and this likely won’t help.

Reactions on social media to Mohr’s uncovered tweets was roughly what one would expect:

The Lakers recently began to signal that they are throwing in the towel on this season. That means, in addition to his team owner’s new beau openly mocking his mother, James also has to suffer the indignity of watching the final years of his career be wasted.

Ugly stuff, all the way around.

This NBA campaign has been an unfiltered disaster for L.A. up to this point. And this week’s happenings haven’t done anything to change that.

Hopefully both Buss and Mohr apologize to James and his family for these comments. But will that erase the damage of them being uttered to begin with? Time will tell.

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