Lakers Beef Between Anthony Davis, Snoop Dogg Intensifies (Video)

Lakers Beef Between Anthony Davis, Snoop Dogg Intensifies (Video)

Aside from being a world-renowned entertainer, rapper Snoop Dogg is also a huge Los Angeles Lakers fan.

Like many Lakers fans, Snoop Dogg is deeply dissatisfied with how the team has looked thus far this year. Sitting at 26-30 and ninth place in the Western Conference isn’t where most had this squad 56 games in.

Because Snoop Dogg hasn’t been shy about expressing his irritation with the Lakers’ play this year, he has apparently rubbed some players the wrong way.

Namely: Anthony Davis.

During a recent studio session, Snoop Dogg revealed that Davis had unfollowed him on Instagram.

“I ain’t got nothing to say to that n––,” he said. “That n–– unfollowed me on Instagram. When I said something about him.

“Called him a H–– a–– n–– you are too big to be playing that little.”

Snoop Dogg’s strong feelings regarding the Lakers are nothing new. You will recall, he literally has a tattoo celebrating his fandom.

This also isn’t the first time he has had a little tiff with an NBA player. He was once so affronted by Kawhi Leonard’s decision to pass on the Lakers in favor of the Los Angeles Clippers that Leonard felt the need to send him a gift to smooth things over.

The Lakers are down pretty bad right now. On Thursday, the NBA Trade Deadline came and went with the team making no substantive moves. Yikes.

That means, for better or worse, the squad that has limped to this point of the season will be the one they need to ride out the year with.

If past is truly prologue, it’s safe to say things aren’t going to get any better moving forward.

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