Kawhi Leonard Sends Lakers Fan Snoop Dogg Special Gift (Photos)

Kawhi Leonard Sends Lakers Fan Snoop Dogg Special Gift (Photos)

Los Angeles Clippers star Kawhi Leonard sent noted Los Angeles Lakers fan Snoop Dogg a special gift recently. Or, more specifically, he sent him a gift basket.

This week, Marcellus Wiley published a video from Clippers Darrell describing the hurt he felt over a message sent to him by Snoop Dogg. In the video, the legendary LA rapper can be seen unboxing a bunch of New Balance shoes sent by way of Leonard and his team.

Kawhi Leonard Sends Lakers Fan Snoop Dogg Special Gift (Photos) 1 Kawhi Leonard Sends Lakers Fan Snoop Dogg Special Gift (Photos) 2

Snoop Dogg is one of the loudest and most loyal Lakers fans around, and he was very critical of Leonard for ultimately spurning his squad and joining the Clippers instead last summer. Presumably, this is a peace offering.

After the Lakers won their 17th championship in franchise history this past year, Snoop Dogg got a special tattoo commemorating the occasion. The 48-year-old’s tattoo showed off a large picture of the iconic Larry O’Brien Trophy, spanning most of Snoop’s right forearm, with “Lakers” penned on the ball part of the hardware mimicking the team’s logo. Behind it is a blissful image as the backdrop, and Big “KB” initials can be seen underneath — in tribute to Kobe Bryant.

“As you see, tat is done. KB on the bottom … Kobe Bryant,” he said in an Instagram video showing the ink off.

“Larry O’Brien championship trophy with the Lakers going through the ball. Gates of Heaven up top. And it don’t stop. Laker Nation, thank you.”

Snoop Dogg has also been hard at work trying to find some new free agent stars the Lakers can add in the offseason. During a recent appearance on Fox Sports’ Undisputed, he wondered if Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal might be a good target.

“We gonna bring some pieces in,” host Shannon Sharpe said. “Don’t think we set. We not set.”

“You know Bradley Beal just moved to L.A., huh?” Snoop Dogg asked the panel.

“If we get Bradley Beal it’s over for the next three years,” Sharpe replied.

Beal, for what it’s worth, seems to want to remain in D.C. for now.

“I’m a loyal guy. I want to be here,” he said during a recent interview. “I’m here. I’ve signed my extension. And that will mean the world to me. That honestly would you know, being able to finish your career in one place? You know, you don’t see that in today’s game.”

With Beal off the board, it will be interesting to see what other potential recruits Snoop Dogg has for his squad. Either way, though — it’s clear that there is no lingering resentment over Leonard’s decision.

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