Snoop Dogg’s New Lakers Tattoo Goes Viral (Photos)

Snoop Dogg’s New Lakers Tattoo Goes Viral (Photos)

In response to the Los Angeles Lakers claiming their 17th championship in franchise history, team super fan Snoop Dogg decided to do something a little special.

The 48-year-old rapper opted to commemorate the Lakers’ most recent successful title run with a unique tattoo.

Snoop Dogg’s New Lakers Tattoo Goes Viral (Photos) 1

The tattoo in question showcases a massive picture of the iconic Larry O’Brien Trophy, spanning most of Snoop’s right forearm, with “Lakers” penned on the ball part of the hardware mimicking the team’s logo.

Snoop Dogg’s New Lakers Tattoo Goes Viral (Photos) 2

Behind it is a blissful image as the backdrop, and Big “KB” initials can be seen underneath — in tribute to Kobe Bryant.

“As you see, tat is done. KB on the bottom … Kobe Bryant,” he said.

“Larry O’Brien championship trophy with the Lakers going through the ball. Gates of Heaven up top. And it don’t stop. Laker Nation, thank you.”

Snoop Dogg then shouted out individual Lakers, including ones like Danny Green with whom he had some beef over the course of LA’s playoff run.

“Verified Thank u @misterctoons @lakers @kingjames @antdavis23 @caldwellpope @dwighthoward @danny_rangergreen @kuz @acfresh21 @keefmorris5.0 @rajonrondo and the bench mob,” he wrote on Instagram.

It appears as though the wrong “Danny Green” is tagged there, but it’s the thought that counts. Given the history between these two, the oversight is unsurprising.

After all, Snoop Dogg did post this message to the Lakers star just five days ago, when Green missed a wide open three pointer that could have clinched the championship for LA in Game 5 instead of Game 6.

Snoop Dogg’s New Lakers Tattoo Goes Viral (Photos) 3

Fortunately, it appears Snoop Dogg has decided to forgive Green. He said this much during an Instagram live session when questioned about the pair’s relationship.

“Yeah, I forgave [Green],” he said.

“He came through tonight. Danny Green, we back good again, my *****.”

On Monday, Snoop Dogg took a moment to honor LeBron James specifically as one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

The West Coast hip hop legend placed him alongside fellow GOAT candidates in Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.


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Snoop Dogg has long been regarded as one of the Lakers’ most vocal and loyal fans, so him taking time this week to truly memorialize the franchise’s most recent success is not shocking at all.

It has been one big, massive celebration for the Lakers and their fans over the past few days. The festivities have included LeBron being accused of throwing up gang signs, Rajon Rondo’s young son drinking who knows what, and the Lakers’ front office execs taking merciless shots at the Los Angeles Clippers.

With the 2020-21 NBA season start date very up in the air right now, it’s possible that Lakers fans will be able to savor this victory for a long, long time.

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