Lakers Among 3 Frontrunners To Sign Patrick Beverley

Lakers Among 3 Frontrunners To Sign Patrick Beverley

Patrick Beverley played on a 1-year deal this past season. He started with the Chicago Bulls and was then shipped to the Milwaukee Bucks at the NBA Trade Deadline.

As an unrestricted free agent with a decent amount of name recognition, Beverley will undoubtedly land somewhere ahead of next year.

The question is just where?

This past season Beverley averaged 6.2 points per outing while shooting just under 42 percent from the field. He also chipped in 3.3 rebounds and 2.9 assists per game, along with 0.6 steals and 0.4 blocks.

While Beverley’s stats don’t and never have jumped off the page, he does have a reputation around the league for being a consummate teammate and good veteran presence.

The likeliest outcome for Beverley this summer seems to be a return to Milwaukee, but if that doesn’t happen, three teams have emerged as frontrunners for his services.

The first is the Los Angeles Lakers. Although his first stint with the organization didn’t go as planned, expectations would likely be far more realistic this time around. L.A.’s success over the past four years has centered around a defensive ethos – theoretically Beverley could fall in line with that off the bench. Of course, his belief that Lakers fans are the worst fans in basketball could present a roadblock.

The Miami Heat are another group to keep an eye on. Erik Spoelstra’s grind-it-out style tends to maximize the output of veterans like Beverley. This could be a smart fit all around.

Finally, don’t sleep on the Phoenix Suns. This is a squad that desperately needs depth, toughness and some sort of legitimate veteran leadership. They lacked sorely in all three departments this past year.

Beverley could be the solution to all their problems.

Patrick Beverley Is A Polarizing Personality.

Beverley is definitely a polarizing personality, as many of his fans and critics can attest to.

His controversial way of dealing with Josh Giddey was a window into how his mind works.

There is a reason Damian Lillard’s sister hated him so much at one point.

That said, when Beverley is on your side – he has a way of winning you over.

Who will Beverley ultimately be playing for when next season rolls around? Time will tell.

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