Patrick Beverley Explains Why Lakers Have The Worst Fans

Patrick Beverley Explains Why Lakers Have The Worst Fans

The Los Angeles Lakers have some of the most vocal fans in all of sports.

Whether they are winning or losing, you always hear them chirping about something or other.

This week former Laker Patrick Beverley appeared on his podcast and touched on something of an intriguing topic: what it is like having to deal with them when you are a member of the purple and gold.

Mind you, this is a guy who was so excited to join the Lakers that he and his girl went wild together when he finally got an opportunity to play for them.

This week Beverley spoke out about what playing Los Angeles is like. In doing so, he really broke down why everyone hates Lakers fans why they are clearly the worst fans in all of sports.

“I wish I knew about the fanbase more,” Beverley said.

“(I) would have stayed my ass off Twitter. Straight up. I ain’t gonna lie, Lakers fanbase is a motherf***er. They want you to score 30 every night, and the day you score 27, ‘Trade him, he’s a bum.’ You’ve seen it with my teammates like Russ and D’Lo.”

While Beverley doesn’t seem to hold Lakers fans’ poor attitudes against them, and even tries to rationalize their mental illness to some degree, it isn’t hard to read between the lines.

They are spoiled, delusional and extremely annoying.

The Lakers are a historically great franchise. Nobody can ever take that away from them. But damn do their fans suck.

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