Knicks Are Firing David Fizdale

Knicks Are Firing David Fizdale

Knicks Are Firing David Fizdale

The New York Knicks are Firing David Fizdale, it would appear.

The NBA season is barely 11 games old, and yet a prominent head coach is already on the chopping block.

Fizdale, who has only been in New York for two seasons, is apparently on the outs with management.

It is rapidly approaching the point of no return.

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With the team currently boasting a predictably horrible 2-9 record, Steve Mills is looking for someone to blame – and Fizdale is going to be that somebody.

While appearing on ESPN on Wednesday, ESPN NBA analyst Adrian Wojnarowski made it clear that Fizdale getting fired is inevitable.

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“He is not safe,” Woj said.

“His job is very much in peril right now. This is a Knicks team that is in somewhat of a spiral.

“The dismissal of David Fizdale is inevitable. There was a bond broken between management and their head coach.”

Given how dire this situation sounds, it appears Fizdale will be getting the boot sooner rather than later.

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