Kevin Durant’s Surprising Reaction To Nets’ Collapse vs Bucks

Kevin Durant’s Surprising Reaction To Nets’ Collapse vs Bucks

The Milwaukee Bucks withstood an NBA Game 7 record 48 points from Kevin Durant on Saturday night to beat the Brooklyn Nets 115-111.

Durant served as Brooklyn’s hero at the end of regulation, tying up the outing with a two that very easily could’ve been a three if his shoe was just one size smaller.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t replicate that success at the end of OT – badly airballing his final shot of the season.

After the fact, Durant offered a surprising take on the outcome of his team’s series versus the Bucks.

“Yeah, we want to win,” he said.

“We want to win every game we play; we want to win a championship every year, just like every team, so the last game of the season, we lose [it hurts].

“But the beauty of our profession is get up and we get up and keep going. Everybody on this team has worked extremely hard. They care about the game. So we get ready for next year.”

James Harden, meanwhile, showed a little more fire in his response to what transpired on Saturday night.

“S–t, honestly, so many emotions,” he said.

“Just me personally, it’s frustrating for myself, just being durable and being myself for the last so many postseasons. Just dealing with this particular hamstring, it’s just frustrating. I’m frustrated. We did everything we could towards the end. Just frustrated.”

This has been a crazy year for Durant – primarily off the court. He got into heated beefs with D-List actors; subliminally trashed Stephen Curry; and got busted creeping online on multiple women.

Through it all, the 32-year-old managed to battle back from a horrible injury to lead his team to the precipice of the Eastern Conference Finals.

Obviously Brooklyn came up short this year, but they’ll definitely be a force to be reckoned with in 2021-22.

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