Kevin Durant’s Blunt 6-Word Response To Critic

Kevin Durant’s Blunt 6-Word Response To Critic

Kevin Durant is one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

Against all odds, and without one of the most talented players in the league today to help him, Durant currently has the Brooklyn Nets at 13-5 on the year – good for first place in the Eastern Conference.

On the court Durant has no known weaknesses. Off it he has one major one – an inability to not take the bait in various online exchanges.

No matter how petty the slight, regardless of how insignificant the person commenting is, he always has to respond.

That dynamic was on full display this week.

On Monday, Durant posted this message on Twitter:

A fan did not take kindly to it, criticizing Durant’s approach in rather severe terms:

At that point, Durant offered a blunt 6-word response to his critic:

It’s hard to argue with Durant’s general premise. He should not be held responsible for being a role model. He didn’t sign up for it and thus it’s unfair to force him to serve as one.

That said – he could definitely be better about getting into various beefs. It’s always something with Durant. One day he is fighting with z-list actors. The next he is squabbling with z-list sports personalities.

For a guy who allegedly smokes a bunch of weed, Durant sure does seem stressed all the time.

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