Kevin Durant Gets Brutally Honest About Feelings Towards Thunder

Kevin Durant Gets Brutally Honest About Feelings Towards Thunder

Kevin Durant played for the Oklahoma City Thunder for a nine-year period from 2007 to 2016.

Because he started his career with the franchise and guided the team to an NBA Finals appearance, his decision to depart for the Golden State Warriors in 2016 made Durant persona non grata in Oklahoma City.

Recently, Durant sat down for an interview and got brutally honest about his feelings towards the Thunder and the team’s fans.

Given how his blunt analysis of why he thinks some view him as a bad leader, complex relationship with certain old teammates, and generally unfiltered perspective on all things basketball, nobody quite knew what Durant would say about his complicated connection with OKC.

“We all were going through the maturation process,” Durant admitted. “And just figuring out what it is to be in the NBA.

“The craziest part is seeing the city itself. When I first got there it was like one skyscraper building, and now you go there and they got resort hotels they go skyscraper buildings and eventually having the All-Star game there, which does so much for a city.

“I look at my time in OKC from that perspective. We helped build a city up, more than just build a fanbase for basketball. We built up a core and. culture of what this town is going to be about.”

Durant has always been very introspective and understanding about how Thunder fans have reacted to him over the years.

“I mean, I understand it,” he said last year of them booing him.

“I meant so much to this community, and just for me to leave like that, early on, I didn’t get it, but I get that an NBA team is a part of your community.

“You’ve got players who transcend your community. You feel closer to them. So, I get it. I mean, it’s still emotions, it’s still some people who don’t like that I left this franchise. But it was more love this time than it has been in the past. So I was just focused on that.”

Durant seems to have a really mature outlook on his time in OKC.

When Durant ultimately retires, hopefully he and Thunder fans can let bygones be bygones and appreciate the time they spent together.

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