Kevin Durant Explains Why Some Think He Is A Bad Leader

Kevin Durant Explains Why Some Think He Is A Bad Leader

Kevin Durant is one of the best NBA players of all time.

Despite that, a certain amount of disrespect is always directed his way.

Maybe it is because he does things like openly flirt with popular actresses at big events. Perhaps it is because of the way he chooses to party. Whatever the cause, for whatever reason — some people just don’t vibe with Durant.

This past weekend, during the All-Star Game, NBA legend Charles Barkley said that Devin Booker would need to step up and be a leader for the Phoenix Suns because Durant was incapable of being one.

“No disrespect to Kevin,” Barkley said, before disrespecting Durant.

“Kevin’s a follower. He’s not a leader. He’s proven that on all his stops. Booker’s a hell of a player also. I think he’s going to have to take the initiative and take this Suns team to the next level. Because, man, Kevin’s a hell of a player. I ain’t never gonna say anything bad about him.

“But I said the same thing with Boston. One of your guys has to step forward. He has to step forward, and for me, for Phoenix to be successful, it has to be Booker.”

Recently, Durant addressed the perception that he is a bad leader and offered some theories as to why people think that is the case.

“I’m not as charismatic as my peers,” Durant said frankly.

“I don’t have a personality that’s like fit for TV. And a lot of those stories of what we talk about don’t get spoken about in the media. You got to sell what you’re doing as well. And I haven’t sold it enough.”

That said, Durant noted that he doesn’t let the criticism get to him and sees no need to shape media narratives.

“I don’t feel like I need to,” he said.

“I don’t feel like I want people to call me a leader, but I also don’t want people to say I’m not one either, because they don’t see what goes on behind the scenes or what I talk about or my intentions.”

For Durant, it is all about being comfortable in his own skin.

“Push a narrative for myself,” he continued. “Expose the truth for how great of a leader I am. I don’t feel like it’s necessary. I just chalk it up to those guys not being aware of who I am.”

Durant will never be able to win over his haters. That is why they are haters.

That said, if Durant can win another championship with the Suns this year it will certainly make it a lot more difficult for people like Barkley to criticize him.

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