Kevin Durant Bashed Mac McClung NBA Dunk Contest Appearance

Kevin Durant Bashed Mac McClung NBA Dunk Contest Appearance

Mac McClung surprised a lot of people last year when he put forth one of the most memorable NBA Slam Dunk Contest performances in years.

That said, while in hindsight his participation in the tournament seems like a genius move, many believed he shouldn’t have been part of it initially.

Case in point: Phoenix Suns star Kevin Durant.

Prior to the 2023 NBA Slam Dunk Contest, Durant specifically bashed McClung’s inclusion.

“Mac McClung, that’s crazy that they doing that. No shade, but what we doing?” Durant said recently.

“And Mac is an outstanding athlete, but what are we doing? It used to be sacred to be a part of All-Star Weekend. Last year we had G-Leaguers come in and play in the rookie game. Now, like, what are we doing?”

Durant’s overall point was that All-Star Weekend events, like the Dunk Contest, should feature stars.

“We need Zion [Williamson], we need Ja [Morant], I think the stars come back, and just add, because I mean it used to feel like there were stars in it every year when I was a kid,” Durant noted.

“All the best players in the league, those guys I liked, were in the Dunk Contest.”

While Durant’s overall point is one that everyone can agree with, him choosing to specifically take a jab at McClung, the guy who won the whole thing, didn’t go unnoticed.

Fans took to social media to react.

Durant always keeps it real. Whether he is getting brutally honest about Kyrie Irving breaking up the Brooklyn Nets or breaking down Kobe Bryant’s true place in hoops lore, he calls it how he sees it. And he stands by his opinions.

Based on that, it’s unlikely he would ever apologize for his McClung take.

That said, it definitely looks a little silly with hindsight being 20/20.

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