Kevin Durant Reveals Kobe Bryant’s All-Time NBA Rank

Kevin Durant Reveals Kobe Bryant’s All-Time NBA Rank

Phoenix Suns star Kevin Durant is without question one of the greatest NBA players of all time.

Between his two NBA championships, two NBA Finals MVPs and one regular season MVP award – his legacy is etched in stone.

Because of how good Durant undeniably is, he is uniquely qualified to speak on the greatness of other premiere talents in basketball history.

During an interview, Durant was asked where he would rank Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant all time.

“Top two,” Durant replied.

The topic of where Bryant belongs in the all-time rankings has been one subject to much debate. Some feel he is top-five. Others think he is more like top-10.

Clearly Durant believes he belongs higher on the list.

In a way, this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

Durant has spoken extremely glowingly of Bryant in recent months – including revealing the bit of profound advice the Lakers legend once offered him.

Between that and the trash talk Bryant liked to lob Durant’s way, it is clear that the pair had a very special relationship.

Bryant, meanwhile, once famously described Durant as the toughest player for him to figure out in the league. The only other guy he ever had that praise for was Tracy McGrady.

The funny thing about that? Durant recently revealed that he had heavily modeled his game after McGrady’s.

Amazing how things like that come full circle.

Different people will obviously have different takes on where Bryant belongs on the all-time list, but Durant having him as high as he has him is telling.

Bryant is one of the greatest to ever do it, and it’s wonderful to see Durant give him the credit he deserves in that regard.

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