Kawhi Leonard Sent Lakers Fan Snoop Dogg Special Gift (Photos)

Kawhi Leonard Sent Lakers Fan Snoop Dogg Special Gift (Photos)

Kawhi Leonard decided to send well-known Los Angeles Lakers fan Snoop Dogg a special gift recently.

Fox Sports broadcaster and big all-around LA guy Marcellus Wiley published a video from Clippers Darrell describing how hurt the super fan was over a message sent to him by Snoop Dogg. In the clip, Snoop can be seen unboxing a bunch of New Balance shoes sent by way of Leonard and his team.

Kawhi Leonard Sent Lakers Fan Snoop Dogg Special Gift (Photos) 1 Kawhi Leonard Sent Lakers Fan Snoop Dogg Special Gift (Photos) 2


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Snoop Dogg is widely regarded as one of the most loyal Lakers fans on the planet. As such, he was extremely vocally critical of Leonard for ditching his organization and joining the Clippers instead. By all accounts, this appears to be a peace offering.

When the Lakers won their 17th championship in franchise history this year, Snoop went all out. The 48-year-old got a massive tattoo to commemorate the occasion. The ink contains a large picture of the iconic Larry O’Brien Trophy across most of Snoop’s right forearm, with “Lakers” penned on the ball part of the hardware mimicking the team’s logo. Behind it is an idyllic image as the backdrop, and Big “KB” initials can be seen underneath — a tribute to Kobe Bryant.


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“As you see, tat is done. KB on the bottom … Kobe Bryant,” he said in an Instagram video. “Larry O’Brien championship trophy with the Lakers going through the ball. Gates of Heaven up top. And it don’t stop. Laker Nation, thank you.”

Snoop is a Lakers lifer – no ands, ifs, or ors about it. While he no doubt appreciates the free swag, Leonard is nuts if he thinks a few pairs of shoes will be enough to buy a man’s fanhood.

Failed attempts at swaying Snoop’s loyalty notwithstanding, Leonard seems to be in good spirits heading into the new NBA season. Last Friday he opened up about what went wrong as far as Clippers chemistry-building in 2019-20, and how he hopes those issues will be corrected this time around.

“Team chemistry builds from Day 1,” he said. “I had a procedure done, PG had a procedure done, some of the other guys were in and out in training camp. Me and PG didn’t play hardly any of the preseason games, I probably played one or two. But we wasn’t in training camp.”

This year, things are different.

“This year, us being able to start training camp and going full speed with the guys since Day 1, I think that will just build up for a better chemistry so guys aren’t either falling in line in the middle of the season or first game,” Leonard continued. “We are all here together now.”

Will that subtle change produce a different result from last year’s disappointing run? Time will tell.

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