Kansas Reacts To Allegations Against Bill Self

Kansas Reacts To Allegations Against Bill Self

Kansas Reacts To Allegations Against Bill Self

Kansas reacted to allegations that were made against Bill Self last September in an NCAA Notice of Allegations. The response was fairly standard.

Late last year, the NCAA came out with a serious of accusations regarding improprieties involving the Jayhawks’ basketball and football teams. Most notably, the school was accused of five Level 1 violations.

All of the chargers originated as a result of a federal trial regarding corruption in college hoops and how Adidas allegedly participated in a pay-for-play scheme.

On Thursday, Kansas released official statement saying that trial testimony “fails utterly to support a conclusion that Adidas or any Adidas employees acted as representatives of the University during the period in question. Individuals formally associated with Adidas acted in their own interests when they gave money to the family and guardians of student-athletes.”

Beyond that, the Jayhawks also addressed allegations made Self specifically.

“Head Coach Bill Self had no knowledge of any NCAA rules violations or illicit conduct exhibited by Adidas, its employees or its consultants,” it read.

“In addition, as the University noted in September 2019, voluminous evidence demonstrates uncontestably that Coach Self did, in fact, promote an atmosphere of compliance and fully monitor his staff.

“The charges leveled against Coach Self are not based on fact.”

Self has been the subject of a lot of talk in recent weeks. There has been general conversation regarding how well his Jayhawks are doing this year, rumors of him departing to take over the San Antonio Spurs, and now this NCAA violation talk.

It will be interesting to see if any of this ultimately distracts the Jayhawks heading into March Madness.

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