Drew Brees Reveals Where Tom Brady Will Go In 2020

Drew Brees Reveals Where Tom Brady Will Go In 2020

Drew Brees Reveals Where Tom Brady Will Go In 2020

Drew Brees recently discussed where Tom Brady will go in 2020.

Obviously the New Orleans Saints does not definitively know, but he has a theory.

Appearing on WEEI’s The Greg Hill Show to talk all things football, the 40-year-old offered his two cents on what Brady will likely do when it is all said and done.

“I love Tom Brady. I feel the way everyone else around here feels about Tom Brady,” Brees said.

“He’s a legend. And I don’t see him going anywhere. But then again, I can’t speak for him or anybody else.”

Both Brady and Brees are set to become unrestricted free agents this offseason. Whereas the latter has expressly stated that he will not play anywhere other than New Orleans, the former has played it coy.

Up to this point, the odds of Brady leaving New England and going elsewhere are 50-50. The Los Angeles Chargers, Las Vegas Raiders, San Francisco 49ers, Miami Dolphins, Tennessee Titans, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Dallas Cowboys have all been mentioned as potential suitors.

Brees, conversely, is not interested in suitors. He just wants to play for the Saints.

“Listen, I have no intention of going anywhere,” he said.

“I don’t care what the offer would be or what the situation might be, I am Who Dat Nation for life.”

That is no doubt music to the ears of Saints fans everywhere.

As far as how much longer Brees plans on going – he is just going to take it one step at a time.

“I’m not just saying this, but honestly I’m one year at a time,” he said.

“Now listen, if you ask me how long do I think I could do this, I think I could do this to age 45. I’m 41 right now. But there’s other factors. It’s not just a matter of: Can you do it?

“It’s what are you sacrificing in order to be able to play this game and give it the time and dedication it deserves.”

Brady and Brees are both reaching the end of the road as far as their careers go. Regardless of what teams they are on, hopefully fans will appreciate the greatness that they have been able to witness with these two guys over the past couple of decades.

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