Julius Erving Settles LeBron James vs Michael Jordan Debate

Julius Erving Settles LeBron James vs Michael Jordan Debate

The ongoing debate regarding who the NBA’s all-time greatest player is has raged for several years. Newer players and hoops fans often give the title to Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James. Older observers crown Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan as the GOAT.

As James begins to creep towards the twilight of his career, chatter regarding his placement in the history books is intensifying.

Does he belong ahead of Jordan?

Recently, NBA Hall of Famer Julius Erving attempted to settle the debate once and for all.

“Well, [James] gone past everybody for one thing,” Erving said.

“He comes in at 18 years old and he had the pro body and the pro ability as a high schooler. I really haven’t seen anybody have that package. Moses, he was probably the closest and there was Bill Willoughby who it didn’t work out for. And there were some other guys, like Kevin Garnett, but he’s not LeBron and he’s not Moses.

“So, LeBron is the Chosen One in that regard. He’s gonna play into his 40s. He’s gonna have, you know, a 22 or 23-year career. And nobody’s done that in basketball either.

“Those last few years for Shaq and for Kobe, you know they were on the bench, they were on the sidelines. LeBron, it won’t be the same for him. So he can still be that complete player… He’s a total machine. He’s gonna be the guy. He’s gonna be the guy who re-establishes the bar for what the GOAT is.”

Obviously this is a very contentious debate. Everyone from Steve Kerr to Dwyane Wade has tossed their two cents in on the matter.

Beyond that, Allen Iverson has done itFloyd Mayweather has done itShawn Kemp has done it. Even former President Donald Trump has done it.

It will be interesting to see how this conversation evolves in the next few years.

Will James ultimately go down as the greatest to ever play the game?

Time will tell.

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