Juju Smith-Schuster Owns Jalen Ramsey After Steelers Beat Rams

Juju Smith-Schuster Owns Jalen Ramsey After Steelers Beat Rams

Juju Smith-Schuster Owns Jalen Ramsey After Steelers Beat Rams

Juju Smith-Schuster owns Jalen Ramsey after the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the LA Rams.

Heading into this Sunday’s big showdown between Los Angeles and Pittsburgh, the big storyline of the day was how Ramsey and Smith-Schuster would perform against each other.

Earlier in the week Ramsey took one of his typical shots at Smith-Schuster, suggesting that the young wide receiver was not as good as former Steelers star Antonio Brown.

“No disrespect to him, he’s not Antonio Brown,” Ramsey told reporters at the time.

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“I matched up with Antonio for two years there, and that was a good battle and I held my own in those battles.

“ Now I’m going against a different person, a different body type, a different receiver a little bit. He can make plays, but I’m playing my game. I’m not really worried about it.”

Well, seeing as Smith-Schuster caught six passes for 44 yards in a win on Sunday, clearly Ramsey should have been a little more worried about him.

“He’s right, though,” Smith-Schuster said after the game.

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“I’m not Antonio Brown. I’ll never be Antonio Brown. I am myself. I’m JuJu Smith-Schuster. I’m not as good as him yet. I think I still have time to proceed to get to his level. But we’re two totally different persons.”

The best way to deal with bullies like Ramsey is by being humble and then letting your play speak for you – and that is exactly what Smith-Schuster did.

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