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Is Gus Malzahn Leaving Auburn, Coming To Arkansas?

Is Gus Malzahn Leaving Auburn, Coming To Arkansas?

Is Gus Malzahn Leaving Auburn, Coming To Arkansas?

Is Gus Malzahn leaving Auburn and coming to Arkansas?

Seeing as Malzahn has both played and coached there, the move would certainly make sense in that regard.

Plus, given the low bar set by Chad Morris, the stage is set for Malzahn to come in and be an immediate hero.

Morris was 4-18 in two years with Arkansas and was winless in all 14 of his SEC games.

The Razorbacks suffered a second humiliating loss at home against Western Kentucky on Saturday and that proved to be the final straw.

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Morris was ultimately fired one day later.

Malzahn is a solid coach who has done reasonably well at Auburn, but for whatever reason the marriage has never quite clicked.

Thus far, Malzahn’s name has been linked to both the Arkansas opening and the Florida State opening.

In response to Morris’ firing, ESPN insider Paul Finebaum came out and offered his take on whether Malzahn should leave.

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“As far as Gus Malzahn, I think he has to consider it,” Finebaum said.

“Regardless of this weekend or two weekends from now, we all know the circumstances at Auburn.

“It’s just a never-ending soap opera. There are people who genuinely love Gus Malzahn and appreciate him. There’s an equal number who don’t. I don’t think that’s going to change.”

Auburn is 7-2 so far this year, but still has two games left against Georgia and Alabama.

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“To me, he gambled two years ago,” Finebaum continued.

“He made a lot of money. Now I would leave. I don’t think it’s a difficult decision for Gus. I would take the money.

“We’ve all covered transitions. You’re taking over for Chad Morris, who has one of the worst records, one of the most inept, incompetent and laughable programs I have ever seen in the history of covering the SEC.

“What do you have to do? … Go to a bowl game and they’ll give you a parade.”

Malzahn is 60-29 at Auburn, so regardless of how you feel about his abilities to compete with the crème de la crème of the SEC, he would clearly at the very least be an upgrade over Morris.

Will he ultimately leave Auburn for Arkansas?

Time will tell.

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