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Did Maryland Snitch Out Chase Young And Ohio State?

Did Maryland Snitch Out Chase Young And Ohio State?

Did Maryland Snitch Out Chase Young And Ohio State?

Did Maryland snitch out Chase Young and Ohio State?

The college football world was rocked earlier this week when Young, arguably the best player in the nation, was suspended indefinitely.

As the leader of Ohio State’s defense and the likely No. 1 overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, his punishment polarized fans all over the country.

One of the big questions everyone had coming into Saturday was: how did the NCAA even find out about the “loan” Young received that was at the center of this entire ordeal?

Well, based on what Fox’s Joel Klatt and Gus Johnson said during their broadcast on Saturday, maybe Maryland had something to do with it.

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Ohio State absolutely crushed by 59 points this weekend, with the game not even being as close as that number would indicate.

At one point late in the second quarter, the Buckeyes were up 42-0.

One quarter later, the score was 52-0.

The Buckeyes ultimately won 73-14.

The blowout led the announcers to speculate on whether Ohio State was running up the score, and whether the situation surrounding Young was the cause.

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“They absolutely will get the ball back here. Ryan Day pouring it on a little bit here,” Johnson said at one point. “It’s personal.”

To which Klatt replied: “Yeah, this is interesting partner, with what’s gone on this week.”

Johnson then got even more specific.

“Remember, Chase Young is from that Washington D.C. area,” he mused. “He said he borrowed money from a family friend. Who would know about that?”

Klatt laughed at that point.

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“This seems interesting, 42-0, taking the timeouts,” he replied.

For what is worth, after the game Ohio State coach Ryan Day was asked point blank whether he was running up the score on Maryland was revenge.

“Nope,” he said. “Nothing like that at all.”

Was Day telling the truth there? It’s hard to say.

But if it comes out that Maryland did in fact have something to do with this mess, the running up the score thing will be viewed through a much different light.

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