Jon Gruden Email Leaker Seemingly Revealed

Jon Gruden Email Leaker Seemingly Revealed

Jon Gruden was forced out of his post as head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders two weeks ago after a series of his old emails leaked out.

The emails in question were racist, homophobic and deeply controversial in nature – prompting major backlash. They were originally sent to former Washington Football Team exec Bruce Allen and uncovered as part of an NFL investigation into the WFT workplace culture.

The fallout from the incident was so severe that even Gruden’s son, Deuce, and the lone gay player on the Raiders couldn’t escape it.

One question that has continued to linger over the past two weeks have been: who leaked the Gruden emails? After all, he was an unrelated party here relative to the main inquiry that was occurring. How did he turn into the main casualty?

This week, a former Washington Football Team cheerleader revealed who she believes was ultimately responsible for Gruden’s leaked emails: Washington Football Team owner, Dan Snyder.

“I believe Dan Snyder leaked these emails,” Melanie Coburn told Paulina Dedaj of Fox News. “I believe he’s trying to put all the blame on Bruce Allen. He sent over a dozen private investigators to my colleagues’ homes across the country … to show up on cheerleaders’ doorstops and ask them what their relationship with Bruce Allen was.”

For Coburn, it’s just common sense.

“We know that that is a very, very small fraction of the 650,000 emails that we know they have access to,” she continued. “These emails were also a result of the investigation that we participated in — over 150 of us former employees of the Washington Football Team. Countless hours, lots of trauma relived, lots of emotions and anxiety and yet the only person to take fall for these terrible wrongdoings was a coach of another team.”

For what it’s worth, Snyder’s attorney told Fox News that any suggestion he was responsible for the leak is “categorically false.”

“Any suggestion by Ms. Coburn that anyone associated with the Washington Football Team was behind any leaks concerning Jon Gruden is categorically false and part of a pattern of misinformation being spread by Ms. Coburn,” the attorney said.

At this point, everyone from Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin to Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has come out and offered their thoughts on what happened to Gruden. It has been litigated and relitigated to no end.

Regardless of what gets discovered from here on out, Gruden isn’t getting his job back.

That said – hopefully at some point the truth regarding who leaked the emails ultimately does emerge. Both the public, and frankly Gruden himself, have a right to know.

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