Aaron Rodgers Delivers Blunt Message To Jon Gruden (Video)

Aaron Rodgers Delivers Blunt Message To Jon Gruden (Video)

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has never been one to bite his tongue.

Whether he is calling out police officers off the field or calling out his team on it – the three-time league MVP generally keeps it pretty real.

It was more of the same this week.

Less than 24 hours after Jon Gruden stepped down as head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders over his racist, homophobic and misogynist leaked e-mails, Rodgers offered a strong message to the now-former head coach.

That message: “Those opinions don’t have a place in the game.”

“I know that there’s opinions similar to that, but I feel they’re few and far between,” Rodgers said Tuesday on the Pat McAfee Show. “The player and the coach of today is a more empathetic, advanced, progressive, loving, connected type of person. I’m proud of the kind of locker room we have.”

Rodgers then took it one step further.

“We need to allow people to grow and change, but those opinions don’t have a place in the game,” he added.

Rodgers also pointed out that he was pleasantly surprised by how quickly all parties involved moved in this situation.

“It was surprising to see that the thing went so quickly, but I think that was probably the best decision for all parties involved,” he said. “Hopefully we can all as a league learn and grow from this. Hopefully it puts people on notice who have some of those same opinions. Like, ‘Hey man, it’s time to grow and evolve and change and connect. That (expletive) doesn’t fly.’”

Above all else, Rodgers stressed that Gruden’s views on the world don’t represent the vast majority of the NFL.

“I feel like in the locker room it’s a close-knit group of guys,” Rodgers said. “We don’t treat people differently based on the way that they talk, where they’re from, what they’re into, what they look like. I’m proud of that.”

Gruden’s fall from grace had implications beyond just his own personal fortunes. His son, Deuce, who served as the Raiders’ assistant strength and conditioning coach, also fell under the microscope.

This will be an interesting situation to watch going forward. If the NFL continues digging into what prominent NFL coaches, owners and the like have been saying in their private e-mails over the last decade – Gruden may not be the final domino to drop.

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  1. Why are you critical of Gruden when you intentionally threw the first game of the year because you wanted to send management a message. You are a much better player than you showed in that game.
    This was comments made a decade ago. The man has changed and you are to BLIND to see it. What Gruden did was not near as bad as what you did by taking the knee to the National Anthem, which is by the way a song about our veterans. You did this to show support to a guy that claimed to be black yet both of his parents are white. He is a washed up football players who lost his talent he once had and you and a bunch of other players disrespected our Veterans that found to give cry babies like you the right to do what you did. What you did by doing that is far worse that what a good coach said over a decade ago. I bet if one tried hard enough they could uncover deragotory remarks similar to that in your past. Anyone who is a good of football players as you and loses a game by as much as you did was not trying to win. The is a word for people like you. The spelling of that word is hypocrite. You are by far the biggest cry baby that ever played in pro football. I think the Bears are going to show you a new shuffle dance this week, it’s called the back shuffle all fall down dance.

    1. I know this will get flagged, screened or whatever SJW’s do when you disagree or comment against any agenda they push. First of all this was what 10-12 years ago? This garbage where ANYTHING you said at ANYTIME in your life? Really? Because there have been some very important, high profile superstars who have made racial comments about white people and Hispanics. But it’s okay I suppose when a African American makes disparaging comments or insensitive comments about a white person? It just seems a bit odd that every person being targeted is white? Racism is not a white only disease!

      1. His comment 10 yrs ago about Demaurice Smith wasn’t the main reason he got fired. It had more to do with him using homophobic slurs against Michael Sam and Roger Goodell. Making inflammatory comments about owners, showing topless pics of Washington’s cheerleaders, etc. Aaron didn’t really say anything bad about him, all he said that those ‘opinions don’t have a place in the game’, which it doesn’t. And we should allow people to learn and grow. Why is there a problem with that?
        It’s interesting that even though 2 African American defended Gruden on SNF, you try to make this about blacks. This investigation began because of court filing by Washington owner Dan Snyder against the NFL and Bruce Allen. Which lead to an investigation and the emails were found. If you want to blame someone blame the guy who fired Gruden’s brother and whose investigation got Gruden fired. And while you’re casting blame maybe you should look at the author of the email.

  2. Those opinions are from 12 years ago, who is to say he hasn’t grown and moved on from those opinions? You speak of people needing to change their tune and I agree
    … But what about your fellow players that use a very particular racial slur when referring to each other? You hear it picked up on sideline microphones weekly, all over the country.Doesn’t that language need to change? Or is that acceptable because it’s from people with darker skin?

  3. What an idiot . get over yourself and get off the bandwagon. He didn’t send those emails yesterday ,they were sent over 10 years ago when no one gave a crap about precious egos. We have owners that solicit sex for money we have players that are charged with domestic violence and gun charges yet they’re all fine and happy playing making their money. But someone says something bad 10 years ago and we have to ruin their life. The people he talked about about still have jobs still have their lives hell didn’t even know that he said anything about them. once again get over yourself snowflake

    1. Love it!! I don’t know why Rodgers thinks he is so damn special, the way he act towards his team, I wouldn’t block anyone for him and hope he gets his damn leg broken!!! You are such a JERK Rodgers!!!!!!

  4. This guy is as fake and phony as they come. So you don’t treat differently based on where they’re from, the way they talk or what they’re into, is that what you said? Do you not see the irony in the comment or have you taken too many shots to the head.

  5. Hey Rogers, don’t throw rocks if you live in a glass house! Why they kept you is beyond me. You’re a spoiled little, has been QB. Tell me you’ve never cracked a joke or a tongue in cheek about what Gruden did.

  6. Aaron Rodgers is another example of cancel culture gone crazy. These hypocrites pile on when the opportunity presents itself such as with Coach Gruden. In addition I could care less with AR’s thoughts on this matter. I might watch more sports if clowns like this would keep their mouths shut. The way you have handled things recently with your team has not been that great. Please focus on football and keep your mouth shut. I hope you stand for something someday.

  7. Aaron Rodgers seems like a piece of s***. At the very least he seems like a scared, robot automaton. “Yes,. Follow the script. Tell me what I am to think.” The world needs less of people like him, not Gruden, who is an actual human. What a shitty sport it’s become. Vile, even.

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