Brian Windhorst’s Harsh Criticism For LeBron James, Draymond Green

Brian Windhorst’s Harsh Criticism For LeBron James, Draymond Green

ESPN NBA insider Brian Windhorst has developed a reputation over the years for keeping it real.

It was more of the same this week, when he openly discussed the seeming hypocrisy on display from LeBron James and Draymond Green when it comes to the subject of COVID-19 vaccinations.

You will recall, James’ initial reaction to vaccinations even caught his teammate, Anthony Davis, by surprise. Draymond Green’s position on the topic, similarly, raised a few eyebrows.

During a recent appearance The Hoop Collective podcast, Windhorst called out both James and Green for their cherry-picking of which issues they care about.

“The position that’s difficult that Draymond and LeBron took afterward is they are part of this ‘More Than An Athlete’ brand, where they say ‘We can use our influence to do things that are way outside basketball.’ Which is obviously the evolution of a modern athlete, in a clearly positive direction,” Windhorst said.

“But, they are cherry-picking,” he added. This is why it’s dangerous to do this. Because, you can’t say you’re more than an athlete on some things, and then on other things say ‘What do I know, who am I to say?‘ It creates a disingenuous situation.”

Obviously there is a massive “public good vs. individual freedom” debate at the core of the vaccinations argument, and that’s what has caused such deep polarization on the topic. That said, regardless of where you come down on the subject, there is no denying it is having massive ramifications for the NBA.

Kyrie Irving, one of the league’s preeminent stars, is losing an insane amount of money over his refusal to get vaccinated.

Are James and Green, two leaders among the NBA community, being hypocrites by refusing to take a stronger stance on the issue? That’s up to every individual to decide on their own.

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