Anthony Davis’ Honest Reaction To LeBron James Vaccine Revelation

Anthony Davis’ Honest Reaction To LeBron James Vaccine Revelation

Los Angeles Lakers guard Dennis Schroder surprised a lot of people this week when he accidentally revealed LeBron James’ COVID-19 vaccination status.

According to Schroder, he and James are two Lakers who have opted not to get vaccinated.

He did not provide a reason for this decision.

Following the Lakers’ big win over the Denver Nuggets on Monday night, Anthony Davis took a moment to give his blunt reaction to James’ vaccination stance.

As noted by Bill Oram of The Athletic, James’ decision apparently stems from “personal reasons.”

“Some guys did, some guys didn’t for their own personal reasons,” Davis said.

“I decided to for my own personal reasons. … I’m trying to play my part and get 20,000 back in Staples so we can some more cheers in there than we have now.”

This has been a rough year for James. Just this week he got some bad news regarding his return from injury. Prior to that he survived a terrifying threat from a crazed fan. Before that he was involved in some pretty controversial on-the-court plays. And that’s to say nothing of the backlash he received over one specific tweet.

How will the somewhat negative PR from this vaccination situation ultimately impact James’ mindset going forward? Time will tell.

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