John Wall Gets Unfortunate Update After Rockets Buyout

John Wall Gets Unfortunate Update After Rockets Buyout

The Los Angeles Clippers sent John Wall back to the Houston Rockets ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline.

Houston, given the franchise’s history with the star guard, immediately announced that Wall would be bought out.

In the days after reports surfaced that as many as four teams had legitimate interest in the former All-Star. Then four became three.

And yet despite all that speculation, Wall remains unsigned.

This week Bleacher Report insider Chris Haynes and NBA reporter Marc Stein delved into the current market for Wall on their #ThisLeague Uncut podcast and providing something of a sobering image.

“We’re not hearing much on him as of right now,” Haynes said.

“Nothing,” Stein agreed. “I’ve gotta be honest, I haven’t heard. I really haven’t heard of any market there.”

Wall’s time with the Clippers obviously didn’t go as planned. That team desperately needed backcourt offensive support and on paper he seemed like the ideal candidate to provide it.

Unfortunately, he could never really make a meaningful impact.

Wall’s numbers for the year, 11.4 points per game on 40 percent shooting from the field and 30.3 percent shooting from three, aren’t too far off from what he did in Houston in 2020 considering he was playing 10 fewer minutes per game.

That said, he still couldn’t find a way to really make a difference on a squad that most viewed as championship contenders coming into the season.

And that is probably why he is struggling to find a new home.

Still, in a world where Derrick Rose has three teams chasing after him, it’s hard to see a scenario where Wall doesn’t eventually get a shot somewhere.

One way or another, though – a lot will be gleaned from whether Wall can find a home or not.

Should someone pick him up, then obviously it won’t matter how long this process took. Especially if it’s a title contender.

If Wall doesn’t get another shot, well, then that could very well spell the end of his time as an NBA player.

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