Joe Burrow’s Odd Locker Room Behavior After Steelers Loss

Joe Burrow’s Odd Locker Room Behavior After Steelers Loss

The Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Cincinnati Bengals in overtime 23-20 on Sunday.

Although the game ended up being a lot closer than most figured it would be after the Steelers took a 16-6 lead into halftime, in the end, the better team prevailed.

Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow had one of his worst showing in recent memory, recording two touchdowns and four interceptions on 33-of-53 passing.

It marked the first time he had ever recorded four picks.

The fact that Burrow had a worse passer rating and QBR on the day than Mitchell Trubisky is telling.

After his awful Week 1 performance, Burrow seemed to have a little trouble coping.

“Joe Burrow hasn’t showered,” Jeremy Raunch of Fox 19 reported. “Hasn’t changed. Still wearing most of his uniform. Been sitting as his locker staring forward since the game ended.”

Then came the update.

“[It has] been 45 minutes since the game ended,” Raunch later added. “Media leaving locker room. He’s still sitting there. His only brief break was a quick press conference.”

Cincinnati ended up rallying late and making the game much closer than it had any business being, but it was still a pretty awful performance by them on Sunday.

Burrow should feel bad.

While his girlfriend, Olivia Holzmacher, seemingly had a great time in the stands – her beau struggled mightily. And if that’s a sign of things to come in 2022, the Bengals could be in big trouble.

Burrow was dubbed the NFL’s Next Big Thing after last year’s improbable Super Bowl run. And with good reason. He performed well on the field and was extremely an absolute legend in the bedroom. But that goodwill expires quickly.

If Burrow and the Bengals rebound in Week 2 against the Dallas Cowboys, then obviously this weekend’s collapse will be forgotten.

Should the opposite occur, though – then expect Burrow to face a level of intense scrutiny that he has yet to truly experience in his young NFL career.

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