Jimmy Butler, Rachel Nichols NBA Bubble Rumor Goes Viral

Jimmy Butler, Rachel Nichols NBA Bubble Rumor Goes Viral

ESPN NBA commentator Rachel Nichols has had a rough week. Most notably she has been deeply embroiled in a controversial scandal involving fellow ESPN host, Maria Taylor, stemming from leaked audio with racially-tinged overtones.

It got so bad that even Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant absolutely torched Nichols.

As if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, Nichols now has another salacious hullabaloo on her hands.

On Tuesday morning, the 47-year-old began trending on Twitter for a truly bizarre reason.

That reason?

An alleged hook-up with Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler in the NBA Bubble last year. What makes this all the odder is that no substantive proof was offered for the gossip – it just kind of started trending for no reason.

Essentially, people are combining two separate incidents in last year’s NBA Bubble and saying they are linked.

The first was Karl-Anthony Towns telling Butler to call Nichols while the pair was trash-talking one another during a Heat-Timberwolves showdown last year.

The second was a story from the NBA Bubble where security was allegedly called to Butler’s room over a loud banging noise.

Naturally, Twitter had a field day.

It’s worth noting at this juncture that literally zero proof exists of any sort of hook-up. Zero.

Not that this has stopped social media from going wild.

All in all, this has been a rough year for Nichols. Between her offensive Tim Duncan interview and the Kwame Brown drama she participated in, things have not been going her way.

That said, since this rumor has absolutely nothing of substance backing it up, it’s almost difficult to put it in the same category as the aforementioned transgressions.

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