Jason Kidd Settles Michael Jordan vs LeBron James Debate

Jason Kidd Settles Michael Jordan vs LeBron James Debate

The ongoing debate regarding whether Michael Jordan or LeBron James is the greatest player in NBA history appears to be intensifying.

With the end of James’ career rapidly approaching, his all-time place in hoops lore is under intense scrutiny.

This week, Dallas Mavericks head coach Jason Kidd decided to jump into the fray.

According to him, the answer to the GOAT debate is pretty clear.

“I think LeBron will go down as the greatest to do it,” Kidd told Dwain Price of “When you look at his numbers — what he’s done on and off the floor — no one’s done that. You got to put the whole package together. He’s the greatest of all-time.”

Kidd is one of the greatest players in NBA history and is thus uniquely qualified to speak on this subject. He witnessed multiple generations of basketball stars, ensuring that he isn’t biased towards one in particular.

That said, he is also unlikely to change too many hearts or minds.

Many have weighed in on this contentious debate. Kevin Durant has done it. Dwyane Wade has offered his opinion on the topicAllen Iverson has as wellDitto for Floyd Mayweather Jr. Even former President Donald Trump has thrown in his two cents.

And yet each time – the conversation lives on.

For better or worse, everyone will retain their opinion on who the GOAT is and refuse to back down from it. While that ensures that there will likely never be a consensus, it also makes for a lot of very fun back and forths.

James still has a year or two to bolster his case for the greatest of all time.

What will he be able to accomplish between now and the end of his career?

Time will tell.

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