Jaguars Refusing To Trade Jalen Ramsey To Chiefs, Ravens Or Eagles

Jaguars Refusing To Trade Jalen Ramsey To Chiefs, Ravens Or Eagles

Jaguars Refusing To Trade Jalen Ramsey To Chiefs, Ravens Or Eagles

The Jaguars are refusing to trade Jalen Ramsey to the Chiefs, Ravens or Eagles.

This week, ESPN insider Jeremy Fowler reported that those three teams have inquired about bringing in Ramsey.

Unfortunately for all involved, Jacksonville does not appear to be particularly interested in moving their disgruntled corner.

Despite Ramsey indicating on multiple occasions that he is not budging from his trade demand, ESPN’s Adam Schefter now reports that the Jaguars are “dug in” on their position of not trading him.

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“If I had to look into my crystal ball and make a prediction, my read would be that he’s not traded this year,” he said on 97.5 The Fanatic.

“That’s not to say it couldn’t change by next week but right now, this week, I believe Jacksonville is dug in.”

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Schefter’s report becomes all the more interesting when you take into account the fact that Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports also reported this week that the Jaguars turned down a pretty lucrative offer for Ramsey.

“The Jaguars could have had two first-round picks from one club, according to a league source,” he wrote.

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“But believed those selections would end up too close to 32nd overall for their liking.”

Opinions on how Jacksonville has handled Ramsey and his trade request thus far have varied.

“You have to trade him,” a high-ranking official from another team told CBS.

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“It will get worse and there will be something new with him every week.

“He doesn’t see a future there (in Jacksonville), and he’s already shown he’s willing to rock the boat to get out.

“At some point it becomes more trouble than it’s worth.”

Others say that Ramsey is clearly the one in the wrong here, not the Jaguars, but that there is nothing that can be done about it.

“I don’t like the way he is handling it,” one executive told CBS, “But are you surprised by it?”

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It appears this stalemate between Jacksonville and Ramsey is no closer to a resolution this week than it was last.

In the meantime, the Jaguars are scheduled to take on the Carolina Panthers this Sunday.

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