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Is Steve Sarkisian Playing Texas Players Based On Race?

Is Steve Sarkisian Playing Texas Players Based On Race?

Texas’ 31-23 loss to West Virginia last week ensured that the Longhorns would be bowl ineligible for the first time in five years and secured head coach Steve Sarkisian the program’s worst record for a first-year coach in more than 80 years.

Given the unique level of humiliation and embarrassment suffered by Texas over the past couple of months, fans probably thought the worst had passed. After all, how much lower could they go?

As it turns out, pretty low.

The program now has a fresh racial scandal on its hands.

During a recent appearance on 104.9 The Horn, the University of Texas’ flagship radio station, national CBS Sports college football analyst Brian Jones made some fairly serious claims.

“There’s a lack of trust in that locker room, because guys are being told one thing to their face and then other things are transpiring because of all the other cooks that are trying to manipulate this football program,” he said. “So, I don’t know how it gets fixed other than pleading with these five or six heavy-handed donors to leave the damn football program alone.”

And that is when Jones made his most salacious claim to date.

“I thought we were all in this to win,” he continued. “And there’s no way you’re going to win when you’re asking or trying to dictate to your head coach who plays and in some instances it’s crossing color lines, which is definitely unfortunate.”

For what it’s worth, Texas athletic director Chris Del Conte adamantly denies the allegations.

“That’s completely untrue,” he told “None of that’s true. That’s the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard. Absolutely absurd.”

Sarkisian’s status was in a fairly precarious place after his recent comments. This new report likely won’t help matters any, nor news that the Longhorns passed on Notre Dame’s Brian Kelly in order to hire him.

Ever since choking away a lead against Oklahoma earlier this year Texas has embarked on a six-game losing streak and countless disgraces, featuring coaches like Bo Davis and players who have seemingly checked out completely. Now this.

Have they reached rock bottom yet? Time will tell.

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