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Bo Davis Facing Punishment Over Leaked Texas Video?

Bo Davis Facing Punishment Over Leaked Texas Video?

Texas came into this college football season with a lot of optimism. New head coach Steve Sarkisian said all the right things, the roster was decent and the Big 12 looked wide open for anyone willing to step up and take it.

Unfortunately, things fell apart rather quickly. Both on and off the field, this program seemingly can’t stop embarrassing itself.

On the field, Texas has now lost four straight games. At some point in each of those four outings, the Longhorns held a lead. In three of them, it was a double digit lead. They are now 4-5 on the year – good for sixth place in the conference.

Off the field, it has been one thing after another. Last week, one of the team’s assistants somehow got himself embroiled in a massive stripper/monkey Halloween controversy. This week, another assistant found himself on the wrong end of a leaked video.

After Texas’ 30-7 loss to Iowa State this past weekend, defensive line coach Bo Davis went on a fiery rant in the locker room. That rant would later make its way online:

“This s*** ain’t a game to me,” Davis could be heard saying. “If you think it’s a game, get the f*** off this bus. I got my a** kicked and you ************* wanna laugh? This s**t is real. You think it’s a goddamn joke? I’m tired of this s**t because this s**t is goddamn real. And we wanna laugh and joke? F**k that.”

Since the video went viral, some have argued that Davis was being overly harsh with his team. Others, meanwhile, insist that his tone was just right – citing Davis’ accomplished track record and championships as evidence that he knows what he is talking about.

So will Davis face any sort of punishment for his words? Probably not. His passionate diatribe is precisely what players needed to hear. And even in today’s soft climate, it’s tough to see a scenario where anyone goes after a coach for doing what coaches have done since the beginning of time.

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