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Is Deion Sanders Leaving Jackson State Over Stolen Money?

Is Deion Sanders Leaving Jackson State Over Stolen Money?

Deion Sanders’ decision to leave Jackson State University for a head coaching job at Colorado has stirred up a lot of emotions.

In one camp there is a segment of the population that feels like Sanders has done all he could at his present post and deserves a step up to an objectively more prestigious gig.

In the other camp there is a group maintaining that he made a lot of promises related to Jackson State and HBCUs that he is essentially going back on.

On Wednesday, a new layer of complexity was added to the equation.

In a now-viral post, a self-proclaimed insider claims that part of the reason why Sanders is leaving is because of an alleged misuse and stealing of money that has previously gone unreported.

“JSU put in Deion’s contract that after 30k ticket sales, he would receive a percentage of the sales,” the claim reads.

“That didn’t happen the whole time he was there. The Ticket sales got missing. Deion, the football team, NOR the staff saw any of that money.

“There was a lucrative TV deal in place, that Deion wanted to get, but the University did not. Deion with his own money built a new locker room, and tennis courts. All the new designs, Deions pocket.

“The new players lounge….Deion…..He also used his own money to feed his players. All of the fancy meals you saw the players eating? Delon. When JSU went to the Celebration bowl last year…the school didn’t give any money back to Athletics,” the report continued.

“Deion used a lot of his personal money to fund numerous things around campus. The university, did not help. The President wanted his name in the headlines as much as Deion.”

“Deion wanted to coach the celebration bowl this year, JSU President said no…and the Celebration Bowl is sold out,” the person went on to allege.

“The jury is out on if he will or not. A last minute offer was made for 1 million dollars for Deion to stay, but he had to pay his staff out of that….there was no new offer made after the first year of success.”

Eventually the truth and accuracy of this will be determined, but for now, it is certainly evoking more sympathy for Sanders’ decision-making process than he received a few days earlier.

This has been a crazy year in college football. Between alleged foot fetishist quarterbacks mocking their Heisman rivals, Spencer Rattler’s girlfriend’s racy photos blowing up online and a Texas fan stripping her clothes off in frustration after a defeat – it has been one issue after another.

In that respect, the fact that drama is even surrounding Sanders’ departure from Jackson State is unsurprising.

That said, eventually the truth will come out. It always does.

When that happens, hopefully the wronged parties ultimately get the justice they deserve.

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