Is Dave Portnoy Buying The New York Mets?

Is Dave Portnoy Buying The New York Mets?

Is Dave Portnoy Buying The New York Mets?

Is Dave Portnoy buying the New York Mets?

On Monday, the Barstool Sports boss indicated that he is in talks to acquire the much-maligned baseball organization.

“An anonymous source has asked me if I’d like to be involved with an anonymous professional sports team if they anonymously buy the franchise,” he tweeted out.

“I wouldn’t have to relocate. Need to consider.”

Barstool Sports is located in New York. Since the Mets are currently the only team on the market, it stands to reason that Portnoy is talking about them.

Portnoy’s net worth is somewhere in the $100 million range, but it is unlikely that he would have to spend much of his own dough. It would likely come from bigger investors.

Vitamin Water co-founder Mike Repole and former MLB star Alex Rodriguez are both said to be interested in purchasing the Mets. Portnoy and Barstool have a close relationship with both men.

Repole, specifically, has been referred to as a “good friend” by Portnoy in the past.

A final decision on who will get the Mets should come at some point within the next few months.

As of Monday evening, Barstool Sports has only issued a “no comment” on the topic. Time will tell whether that will change as the week goes on.

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