Is Antonio Brown Banned From The NFL?

Is Antonio Brown Banned From The NFL?

Is Antonio Brown Banned From The NFL?

Is Antonio Brown banned from the NFL?

Based on recent reports by NFL insiders, it certainly seems like the NFL has banned Brown from the league without explicitly saying so.

You will recall, Brown spent roughly a week with the New England Patriots this season before ultimately being released.

New England parted ways with him after news emerged in September that he was accused of sexual assault.

After Brown was cut, the NFL made it clear that it intended to investigate the situation, but until that investigation was complete, he would be unable to play.

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Unfortunately for Brown, it seems like the NFL is not in any particularly hurry to conclude the investigation.

And since his return hinges on the final result, Brown has been understandably irritated about how the whole situation has unfolded.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk recently succinctly recapped the matter at hand.

“The NFL has yet to interview Brown, which will be perhaps the most important step in reaching a conclusion as to whether he officially should be suspended without pay,” according to Florio.

“The problem for Brown is that the league’s refusal to say whether he’d be placed on paid leave if signed, coupled with the lingering investigation, puts him on suspension without pay.”

With every passing day that this ordeal goes unresolved, Brown’s future in the NFL becomes more and more murky.

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