Is A Big Trade Brewing Between The Warriors, Pacers?

Is A Big Trade Brewing Between The Warriors, Pacers?

The Golden State Warriors have been one of the NBA’s most impressive teams 17 games into this young season.

Currently they boast the league’s best record, and that’s without Klay Thompson – whose return is imminent.

Despite how good they’ve looked thus far, Golden State doesn’t feel like a team that can truly contend for a title. They feel like a group that needs one more big name.

Fortunately, the Indiana Pacers just so happen to have two players that would fit perfectly in The Bay.

During a recent edition of Bill Simmons’ podcast, it was suggested that either Myles Turner or Domantas Sabonis would be a good fit with the Warriors.

“There’s one team that I think would be an interesting fit—and look at me, I’m going to start trade rumors,” he said.

“I have been watching an Indiana team that doesn’t really make sense together and it does seem like Turner or Sabonis will be a thing. I was thinking about Sabonis on this Golden State team and how interesting that would be. I was also thinking about Turner on this Golden State team and how interesting that would be.”

In Simmons’ estimation, second-year big man James Wiseman is the name to watch right now.

“It’s like all right,” he continued. “If Wiseman’s on the table but I’m getting one of those two guys back, and I’m trying to win a title and I have a real path now, in the West, like we could be the best team in the West—my instinct would be don’t do anything. But if there’s a Sabonis play because of his hoops IQ and just how I think he would fit in with that, I think they would have to explore that. That would be the one guy.”

Obviously this isn’t the first time the Warriors have been linked to a potential blockbuster trade. They have been linked to some very big names – which neither Sabonis nor Turner are. That said, both men are extremely talented and would greatly improve Golden State’s chances of winning a championship this year.

Will something ultimately happen on this front? Time will tell. Should it, though? Absolutely.

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