Is A Big NBA Trade Brewing Between Suns, Pacers?

Is A Big NBA Trade Brewing Between Suns, Pacers?

The Phoenix Suns and Deandre Ayton are going their separate ways. That much is clear. The question now is simply where the 23-year-old is heading next.

Ayton’s relationship with the front office became damaged beyond repair last summer when he was not given a max contract extension. He was upset and said so.

That bad blood spilled over into the regular season and playoffs, with him openly feuding with his head coach at the worst possible time.

A divorce became inevitable.

Over the past week 4 teams have emerged as legitimate suitors for Ayton. That said, one in particular reported by Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report seems to make a ton of sense.

“League personnel have also whispered in recent days about a potential sign-and-trade of Ayton to Indiana for Myles Turner,” he wrote. “Turner and Ayton share the same representation.”

Turner has one more year at $17.5 million left on his current deal with the Indiana Pacers. He too has been the subject of a lot of trade speculation and has 3 teams chasing him hard.

On paper, this swap makes a lot of sense. The Pacers could start building anew around Ayton and Turner would fit quite seamlessly in Phoenix.

The next few days will be telling.

Can these two teams ultimately work something out on a trade that on its face looks like a win-win?

Time will tell.

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Jennifer Withers Hoey

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