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Hugh Freeze’s Troubling Alleged DM To Liberty Student Goes Viral

Hugh Freeze’s Troubling Alleged DM To Liberty Student Goes Viral

Liberty head football coach Hugh Freeze found himself mired in controversy this week.

Chelsea Andrews, who describes herself as L.U.’s 2015 Sr. class president and sexual assault victim, outed Freeze’s alleged DMs to her in a very public Twitter thread.

Her posts largely speak for themselves:


Liberty was recently at the center of some pretty ugly legal action that accused the university of improperly handling sexual assault allegations.

Two of the women involved with the lawsuit, one of which was Andrews, spoke out about the matter in a TV interview with Inside Edition last November:

All in all, this is just a bad look for the school and for Freeze.

This has been a pretty crazy time for college football as a whole. Between massive superstar Heisman frontrunners getting exposed for their bizarre bedroom fetishes, college coaches finding themselves in ugly circumstances with beautiful young blondes, and respected universities being accused of playing stars based on race – it has been one problem after another.

This is just par for the course.

How will Freeze and Liberty University as a whole respond to this weird viral drama?

Time will tell.

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